Greetings! I’m Megan.


Custom work is delivered as a digital scan or physically, as requested.


My path—how so little of life is a straight line—led me from a small town in Oregon, to Seattle’s indie art and music scenes. Later, North-Central Mexico, back to Oregon (can’t say no to grandparents, but don’t tell them I essentially hitchhiked to get back home), then to college as a non-traditional student, and ultimately, rural New England. Such is the way, it seems. 


Language drives me, though some stories can’t be told in words.

When I was in community college at 16, I studied English language and literature, math, and art. When I returned to college at 29, I found myself pursuing the same things.

Ultimately, I majored in mathematics and minored in studio art. Math is a language and a creative pursuit, and my art is worked creatively, with problem solving just as in math. I love details and realism in my artwork, but also to find the balance and the precision of composition, seeking exactly what is needed. 

My style and media are versatile, and I typically adapt for a given context. While oils are alive for me, I can make whole worlds out of a sheet of paper or two. 

I bring perseverance, creativity, multifaceted experience, and
strong communication.
Through those times and spaces, both bright and less so, I built community, deepened passions, earned a degree, and lately, started a family. I pursue goals that allow me to be my best self.

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she/they nd nb femme, if you please.

For Anti-racist farming with sheep and herbal remedies  on unceeded Nipmuc, Wabanaki Confederacy, and Pocomtuc land, I humbly present my insta.

Hazel Bough Farm